Fine Art

Fine Arts Insurance is important to preserve and enhance the value of your collections. Whether you collect fine art, wine, antiques, rare books or other memorabilia, there are measures you can take to protect them from costly — and often irreparable — damage. Pegasus Insurance Services can help you create a sophisticated risk-management program.

Our valuable articles risk management process is simple. Take an inventory of your collection, value it then insure it. The benefit of this service allows for better collection management, easier claims resolution and it sometimes facilitates the estate planning process.

Our Fine Art Division works with many notable institutions, exhibitions, galleries and collectors, providing the personal touch service that is required in this field.

·         Art Consultants and Private Dealers

·         Galleries and Dealers

·         Private and Corporate Collections

·         Artists

·         Museums, Cultural Institutions and Exhibitions

·         Special Events

·         Auction Houses

·         Musical Conservatories

·         Theater Collections

·         University Libraries, Museums and Collections

·         Public Entity Collections

·         Certificate Issuance

·         Inventory Management and Scheduling of Collections

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