Since many in the sector lack robust internal risk management processes, we go beyond the transactional aspect of insurance broking, developing consultative relationships that offer unique perspectives on how companies can use insurance to achieve financial objectives. Our team is able to accommodate demanding service requirements, provide risk management consultation and implement all traditional and niche insurance programs.

The sports and entertainment industry is extremely diversified and nuanced. Clients want to be assured that a broker has the vertical platform to manage their core property and casualty placements and be diversified enough to handle the niche products that require expertise and specialization such as:


  • Special event liability
  • Event cancellation
  • Rain
  • Accident and medical
  • Retailer promotion
  • Over redemption
  • Motorsports
  • Performance incentive
  • Unlocking the potential of human capital

The companies that support the sports and entertainment industry are no different than others. They strive to unlock the potential of their workforces and provide the health, benefits and rewards programs that foster an engaging employee experience.

In a high performance industry, companies need their employees to be at their best. From executive compensation to health and benefits, we take a holistic approach to the employee experience, helping ensure that companies are able to motivate their employees, foster their wellbeing and accelerate human capital strategies.

Who we serve

  • Professional associations, leagues and teams
  • Amateur sports and intercollegiate athletics
  • Event management companies
  • Entertainment
  • Concerts and large events
  • Apparel and consumer products

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