About Pegasus Insurance Services

Tonja Van Roy - President

After 25 years in the Los Angeles Insurance Industry - a recent nearly-fatal accident of my youngest child caused me to step back and look at life. Facing losing a child is something that no one ever plans on, or prepares for - and my heart is shattered for all those who have lost a child. We were blessed with a miracle and my son will survive - but will have years of recovery ahead. This has caused a complete re-evaluation of where I want to be in life, and what is important. There was no choice - my family is my number one priority and I am refocusing my career and professional life so that I can focus on that. I will no longer make work or "the office" the most important thing in my life. So...... I am making life changes and will be announcing those changes soon!!! I can't wait to share the good news!

I have a large following of clientele that want to have service the old fashioned way. They want me, and my team to care; to listen to them; and to help them. I am going back to that type of service. If you are in a Corporate "Service Center" and are just a number to the person on the other end of the line - call Tonja at 818-693-2224. I am so excited about going back to the simple basics of just providing the best customer service possible - and what clients have gotten used to having from me, and my team.